Instructions for using a vacuum pump for men

Vacuum massage with the help of a special pump promotes erection, i. e. is a means of prevention and treatment of sexual disorders in the form of erectile dysfunction in men.

vacuum pump for penis enlargement

The action of massage is based on the stimulation of the blood filling of the cavernous body, as well as an increase in the sensitivity of the receptors of the penis, where, under the influence of pressure differences, most of the smallest capillaries are actively opened. and filled with blood, there is a strong effect on peripheral blood circulation, lymphatic circulation and regional fluid movement. A large number of previously dysfunctional capillaries are included in the blood circulation, degenerative changes in the body of the penis cave are eliminated. When inducing an erection naturally, the blood supply to the male genitals increases by 5-7 times, while with vacuum massage this figure reaches a higher value (8-12 times), this contributes to a strong cleansing of the cavernous body, and also increasesthe elasticity of the blood vessel walls of the male genital organs. As a result of "pumping" functioning like this, the entire multi -level structure of the interacting center is revived. Men over the age of 45 benefit from regular vacuum massage (at least 2-3 times a week) to prolong sexual activity.

It is advisable to use a massage pump as prophylaxis against potential weakness (premature aging), for penile rigidity and maximum increase before sexual intercourse (increase in thickness occurs due to increase in elasticity of blood vessels and the largest blood flows to the genitals during erection). If after using the erectile massager the arising quickly fades, then together with the pump it is necessary to use an erection ring that moves from the bulb of the vacuum massager to the base of the penis, which prevents the rapid outflow of blood.

Application Tips

Using a vacuum pump for penis enlargement:

  • before using a vacuum pump for men, it is required to wash the flask and nozzle (seal) with warm water and liquid soap;
  • if the device that creates the vacuum in the flask is installed separately, install it;
  • place the nozzle (seal) on the free end of the flask with the wide end;
  • fill the narrow end of the nozzle in the flask;
  • to facilitate insertion of the penis into the flask, lubricate the surface of the nozzle adjacent to the penis with a water -based lubricant. To enhance its effect, lubricate the penis with a special erection cream (gel or spray);
  • insert the penis into the nozzle hole, hold the flask perpendicular to the genital surface, press firmly the base of the flask to the body to create tightness. If there is a hole in the surface of the flask, squeeze it; if a cramp in the flask is created using a special valve, make sure it is closed;
  • with the other hand, with the aid of some pear compression or with piston operation, empty the cavity of the flask. If the flask is equipped with an automatic air suction device, operate this device;
  • hold under vacuum for 30 seconds. With proper implementation of all the above procedures, an erection should occur;
  • release the pinched hole with your finger or by pressing the air valve so that air enters the flask. Hold the flask with air for one minute (until the erection becomes weak).
  • repeat the procedure shown in the previous two paragraphs 10-15 times, depending on the comfort of your condition (if discomfort or pain occurs, you must stop the procedure and seek expert advice). The vacuum power and duration of the procedure are determined individually. It should be understood that a man’s penis is similar to your muscles. To achieve results in penis enlargement, daily exercise for a long time is necessary. The perfect press or the beautiful biceps train for years. Be patient. . and go !!!

Duration and frequency of the procedure

for the first two weeks, note the frequency of the following procedure: every day, at the appropriate time, preferably 1-2 hours before bedtime, perform 10-15 actions of inhaling and filling the air according to the above scheme.

Starting from the third week, the duration of inhalation can be increased to 1 minute, be sure to add the rest time to 2 minutes.

How the pump works

Pumping air out of the pump creates an area of negative pressure around the penis. This area needs to be filled, so active blood rushes to the penis, filling it as much as possible, causing it to rise more than usual. Vacuum massage also contributes to the appearance of microscopic tears in the tissues of the penis, which regenerate rapidly, creating new tissue. In addition, the penis increases due to the fact that it is pushed outwards due to weakness under the influence of ligament massage that supports the penis in the body.

Who needs a vacuum pump?

Vacuum massagers, as prophylaxis that improve erections, can be used by all men, unless there are any special medical contraindications. Pumps can also be very useful for regaining strength for repeated sexual intercourse.

Pumps are also used for medical purposes, in situations where a man does not have a spontaneous erection or suffers from vascular disorders.

Using a pump after the age of 40 can significantly extend your sex life. And with irregular sexual intercourse, doctors recommend using pumps as the main prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.


There are several contraindications to the use of vacuum massage tools. These are, in particular, mental disorders, diseases of the circulatory system, heart failure, inguinal-scrotal hernia, dilated veins of the spermatic cord, testicular dropsy, short frenulum, phimosis, the presence of tumors, irritation and skin diseases of the genital organs, various injuries, severity of chronic inflammationand venereal disease. In any case, the best solution before using the pump is to consult an expert.

Vacuum pump care tips for men

  • Before the first use or when transferring the product to others, it is necessary to treat the flask, all nozzles and seals fitted with antiseptic or wash with warm soapy water.
  • Before and after use, wash the product with warm water and soap.